Comforts Mom Or Otherwise Come Forts.

I remember vividly when I was a little baby, asides food, another set of things that gave me much joy were sleep, relaxation and play. Did I just say I remember vividly? Of course that was a lie. Seriously though, it has been observed over time that one of the factors that contribute to healthy growth of a baby is sleep. Personally, I have grown to find baby beds and baby cots really boring and conventional. 'What then am I suggesting?', you would want to ask. Well, I have got the perfect solution. How about we put our babies to sleep in bags? Yes, bags!. I know what's going through your minds right now but I'm not crazy. What I'm introducing to you is called the baby bean bag.

Imagine a bag filled with dried beans or polystyrene with a soft fabric surface. Okay, stop imagining or you would just sleep off in comfort. The bags can adapt to your babies' needs by moulding itself to their shape and size. Also, the fine fabric texture of the bag ensures that your baby gets rocky and comfortable feelings as he chills out or sleeps on the couch. Yes, it can also serve as a rocker but don't thank me yet. When inflated, the bag also gives a spring like sensation. Definitely, this will ensure that your baby smiles in his sleep always. I am sure that you would not hesitate to agree with me that 'A happy baby is a healthy baby'.

Why Should I Get My Baby A Bag?

If you are a kind of parent that is quite concerned about the baby's well-being, you should not need a lot of convincing before you get your baby a bag. Remember we are still talking about the baby bean bags and not a school bag. Even if you are the world's most hard to convince parent, I'm sure the following benefits of the bag will not fail to convince you.

1. The level of comfort your baby will get from sleeping or chilling out on the bag is unrivalled. The soft fillings allows for any kind of position. What's more comfortable than being able to sit or sleep in whatever position without a fear of postural defects?

2. The bag serves a lot of purposes, obviously. It serves as a bed, a chill out spot and even a rocker. Isn't it quite smart to have all these qualities in one bag?

3. The bag is easily transportable. You can deflate and inflate it at will and this ensures that you can go about with the bag. It's not just a home thing.

4. Getting rid of a baby's mess must be every parent's biggest nightmare. This nightmare can become a beautiful daydream for this bag is extremely easy to clean.

5. The bag contains a lot of springy dried beans that helps support the head and the spine. Hence, the body is well carried by the bag at all times and there will be no risk of postural defects. Also, the bag comes with a strap to hold your baby in place. So, if you have been thinking about your baby falling off from too much excitement, need I say more?

6. You are a stylish parent? Then this is for you. Let's leave behind the conventional as the unconventional takes over.

Should I Buy the Bag?

Babies are weird creatures. While some babies find obvious comfort comforting, some find it disturbing. Ensure and confirm what your baby prefers. There are rockers and bouncers. If your baby prefers any of those, beautiful! Also, know if your baby has any allergies that might make the bag unsuitable.

Generally, over 90% of babies find the bag comforting. If your baby happens to be one of them, hurry and go grab a bag. Yeah, a bag of beans!